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A forced orienteering mission coincides with her need to locate her adored — but flaky — father. There are goosebumps of both kinds as people show up who will stop at nothing to get what Alice has.

Mental illness was treated candidly, but with sympathy. The nonfiction shelves were vast too, but one pick was Big Ideas for Curious Minds: An Introduction to Philosophy The School of Life — a plain-speaking guide to philosophers, what matters and how to deal with things. Plus, they boiled down the meaning of life on pages Charmed by the adjective and its implications, TS Eliot resolved to write a book of consequential dogs.

Sadly, the book never materialised. Or rather, it has had to wait for Christopher Reid who was once, like TS Eliot, poetry editor at Faber and is, in his own right, a topping poet who now brings hounds, curs and pooches to heel in an entertaining, frolicsome and nondeferential homage.

Whatever you want to call it, he catches in his buoyant, amusing and playful verse, the joy dogs bring into the world. The range of dogs includes absurdly academic Flo, whose bemused parents are at a loss to understand how they produced such a high-flyer. She even sneaks in every class has one a furtive young poet scribbling in front of a Venetian blind. Everything, for this child, is a poem in the making.

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It is a handsome, heavyweight book, jauntily stencilled with oak leaves and blue tits and contains enough good poems — Emily Dickinson, Thomas Hardy, Ted Hughes and others — to give it ballast but, within the mix, is let down by some unpardonably duff contemporary work. Following the Penrose family — Clarry, her brother Peter and charismatic cousin Rupert — through the events of the first world war, their idyllic childhood summers contrast with the horror of what lies ahead.

A timeless story of love, loss and growing up that already feels like a classic. Also creating some of the finest work of his career is David Almond in The Colour of the Sun Hodder , a semi-autobiographical novel that showcases his transcendent, otherworldly storytelling.

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  • For Samkad, life in his remote mountain tribe is about to change for ever, as the first white men arrive in his village during the invasion, talking peace but harbouring cruel intentions. Resonant themes of racism and persecution lie at the heart of a passionately realised, action-packed thriller.

    A debut that attracted both big advances and a film deal, a sequel will follow in Closer to home, debut author Muhammad Khan takes the story of Bethnal Green schoolgirls fleeing to Syria as the starting point for I Am Thunder Macmillan His year-old protagonist Muzna feels invisible, stifled by loving but controlling parents and the spectre of racism. Charmed by the charismatic Arif, she encounters radicalisation and uncovers a terrible secret. Fairytale retellings, an ever-popular trope of teenage fiction, have this year been delivered with blood and bite.

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    Realism and fantasy blur in this strange and bewitching tale. Fiona Noble The best picture books, chosen by Imogen Carter. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Children and teenagers Children's book reviews round-up. Non-fiction children and teens Horror books for children and teens Disaster fiction children and teens Sci-fi books for children and teens Comics and graphic novels children and teens Poetry children and teens features. With very little effort and zero spend, her TikTok following grew to nearly 2, within 60 days.

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    The best picture books, chosen by Imogen Carter

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