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Editorial Reviews. Review. "An exciting, fast-moving conspiracy thriller in the classic Hitchock.
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Sep 08, Christophe Divina rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book! The plot has many unexpected twists and is full of actions. Eva the main character literally fights her way through to get to the truth: She is the target of many physical attacks and survives impossible situations, which makes her some kind of urban Lara Croft.

It was like I was making my own Hollywood movie in my head while I was reading it. It's a very fast-paced novel and I liked the fact that you get into the action just after a few pages - I just couldn't pu I absolutely loved this book! It's a very fast-paced novel and I liked the fact that you get into the action just after a few pages - I just couldn't put the book down to be honest!

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I think this is a very good first achievement and I cannot wait to read Alex Blackmore's second book. May 11, Jo rated it really liked it. Really good read. Gripping story and hard to put down. Only criticism is that the suspense parts could have been 'fleshed' out to add even more detail.

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Slight feeling of being rushed through the action but overall a good book. First book I have read by this author but it probably will not be the last because I believe there is a follow up. A very good thriller, race against time to stop a lethal virus. Great page turner. And, she's written another one?! No thank you. Apr 21, Jim rated it liked it. Story was ok but somewhat hard to follow. I found myself going back quite often to figure out things. Brenda rated it really liked it Aug 14, Stephanie rated it liked it Apr 19, Kim Ann Price rated it it was ok Mar 15, Gail Mort rated it it was ok Jun 21, Jan Marie rated it it was ok Apr 09, Oldcastle rated it liked it Apr 20, Naomi Tatchell rated it it was ok Mar 21, Dennis A.

Gallagher rated it liked it Feb 16, Julie 73 rated it liked it Oct 12, Susan rated it liked it Feb 19, Rista Rarzim rated it liked it Aug 31, Jayne-Marie Barker rated it really liked it Jun 03, Annette rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Patti rated it liked it Oct 02, Ladyp rated it it was amazing May 20, Colin Shearer rated it liked it Nov 21, Yovonne rated it liked it Feb 03, Mouhiba Chaker rated it liked it Aug 18, Jason rated it really liked it Dec 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Alex Blackmore. Alex Blackmore. Alex writes fast paced, contemporary thrillers. Another physician, in charge of the third-largest Ketek trial site, was addicted to cocaine. The same month his data was submitted to the F. Nonetheless, on the basis of overseas trials, Ketek won approval. As the months ticked by, and the number of people taking the drug climbed steadily, the F. The trial had been sanctioned over the objections of the F.

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David Ross, who had been the F. Department of Veterans Affairs. Because dozens of patients have died or suffered needlessly. Because F. And because F. To have an effective regulatory system you need a clear chain of command—you need to know who is responsible to whom, all the way up and down the line. There is no effective chain of command in modern American drug testing. Around the time that drugmakers began shifting clinical trials abroad, in the s, they also began to contract out all phases of development and testing, putting them in the hands of for-profit companies.

It used to be that clinical trials were done mostly by academic researchers in universities and teaching hospitals, a system that, however imperfect, generally entailed certain minimum standards. The free market has changed all that. Today it is mainly independent contractors who recruit potential patients both in the U.

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They devise the rules for the clinical trials, conduct the trials themselves, prepare reports on the results, ghostwrite technical articles for medical journals, and create promotional campaigns. The people doing the work on the front lines are not independent scientists. They are wage-earning technicians who are paid to gather a certain number of human beings; sometimes sequester and feed them; administer certain chemical inputs; and collect samples of urine and blood at regular intervals. The work looks like agribusiness, not research.

They can be found conducting trials in every part of the world. Quintiles is privately owned—its investors include two of the U. Other private contractors are public companies, their stock traded on Wall Street. Pharmaceutical Product Development P.

It, too, has conducted clinical trials all around the world. In fact, it was involved in the clinical trials for Ketek—a P. Cisneros later told the congressional investigating committee that Kirkman-Campbell had indeed engaged in fraud. Chairman, I knew it, P. Doctors who insist the drug you take is perfectly safe may be collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company selling the drug. Quite often, the F.

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In one study, the agency failed to document the financial interests of applicants in 31 percent of applications for new-drug approval. Even when the agency or the company knew of a potential conflict of interest, neither acted to guard against bias in the test results. Because of the deference shown to drug companies by the F. Nor is there any mandatory public oversight of ongoing trials. If one company were to test an experimental drug that killed more patients than it helped, and kept the results secret, another company might unknowingly repeat the same experiment years later, with the same results.

Data is made available to the public on a purely voluntary basis. Its accuracy is unknown. The oversight that does exist often is shot through with the kinds of ethical conflicts that Wall Street would admire. The economic incentives for doctors in poor countries to heed the wishes of the drug companies are immense. Even when the most flagrant conflicts are disclosed, penalties are minimal.

In truth, the same situation exists in the United States. When the pharmaceutical industry insists that its drugs have been tested overseas in accordance with F. It conducts little or no independent research. The investigators contracted by the pharmaceutical companies to manage clinical trials are left pretty much on their own. In the F.

Outside the country, it inspected even fewer trial sites—seven-tenths of 1 percent.

In , the F. The pharmaceutical industry dismisses concerns about the reliability of clinical trials conducted in developing countries, but the potential dangers were driven home to Canadian researchers in While reviewing data from a clinical trial in Iran for a new heart drug, they discovered that many of the results were fraudulent. In addition to monitoring trials abroad, which it does not really do, the F.

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